Client Testimonials

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~~ Thank you to those of you who so graciously shared your heartfelt thoughts about our work together in the following testimonials. I feel humbled and truly blessed.~~Nancy

"Nancy has been counseling me for eight months. In this short period of time, she has helped me with many issues that I have been struggling with for years. She is a supportive and kind listener. Nancy has given me the tools I need to minimize my anxiety and stress and tackle my anxiety-attacks head on. Most importantly, I have gained self-confidence; I now have a better outlook on life. Overall, I am in a much better place that I was before I met her. With Nancy's guidance, I feel like I've gotten control of my life." ~~ B.B.

"Nancy Douglass goes above and beyond for her clients, whether it's by being available via the phone, showing her concern through text messages and checking up on her client during hard times. Nancy is kind, warm, and inviting, making you feel comfortable and not judged. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking therapy and stress management." ~~ C.M.

"Nancy Douglass' practical and pragmatic approaches and tools for stress and anxiety reduction are nothing short of amazing. I wish I had her counseling 20 years ago, but am very grateful to have had her counsel me this past year. In addition to alleviating my symptoms of extremely high stress and anxiety, Nancy has direct perspectives on how to handle situations going forward so they don't have to become stressful. The results are excellent and with time, there has been such a tremendously positive impact that I have highly recommended her to friends and family. My work life has drastically improved as Nancy has outstanding strategies to deal with difficult situations and people. Her ability to listen, understand, ask relevant questions and provide insight is unparalleled by any measure. Her impact has greatly reduced my stress and given me new approaches to achieve great results in areas that have been troublesome for years. Nancy's counseling allowed me to function again. Due to life events I was in the grips of panic and anxiety, and in a few short weeks I was able to move past that and have tools and techniques to stay in a healthy mental state. Many thanks!" ~~ W.T.

"Nancy's counseling helped with all areas of my life: work, personal, and family. I've experienced great results related to anxiety and depression without medication. Nancy is easy to talk to, a good listener, enables a safe environment to discuss difficult personal issues with faster results than are imaginable. My personal relationships would not be intact without Nancy's counseling. Her experience working with grief, anxiety, and depression has been invaluable in helping me with life's issues." ~~S.W.

"When I decided to seek help for some very stressful life challenges, I spoke to several counselors. From the very first time I spoke to Nancy, she was exceptional in making me feel at ease. I immediately felt a connection and deep level of trust. During each session she helped me gain more personal awareness about whatever I was facing, and gave me simple but profound techniques to practice. I would highly recommend Stress Management Counseling Center. It was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I wish I sought counseling earlier in my life. The support and help have been invaluable." ~~ D.S.

"Nancy is really helping me with my anxiety. She is a great listener and is helping me to focus on positive thoughts. I'm thankful for her counseling. My relationships with others have seen much improvement--very happy about that!" ~~ V.M.

"I'm 40-years-old, divorced with two grown-up girls. I have always been a hard-working, strong, responsible man. My mother has mental issues and my father left when I was 5-years-old to start another family. My Grandfather, who was my male role model and hero, passed away during my divorce. My grandmother, who meant the world to me and raised me to be a king, passed away almost 4 years ago now. I maintained a relationship with a woman who wasn't right for me because I was scared to be alone and afraid I couldn't take care of myself. I now live alone, working on myself.
"When I came to Nancy, I was full of fear and felt so very much alone. I was completely overwhelmed with worry, guilt, grief, anger, and facing an uncertain health issue. I was crying all the time and felt like I was dying on the inside. I had issues I didn't know I had that caused me to have incorrect beliefs that resulted in incorrect emotions. I had been struggling with this my whole life not knowing it, and now with Nancy helping me to see things clearly I have made it through the storm.
"I know Nancy to be a genuine person who honestly cares about her patients. If this were not true, there's a chance I wouldn't be here today. I didn't feel looked down on when telling her about the personal and embarrassing things I have done in my life. Now, with the tools and positive encouragement Nancy has given me, I've discovered that I'm not alone, I am in good health, and that I can take care of myselof. I'm even cooking cleaning, and even sewing curtains, LOL! I've established a relationshipwith my father that now includes his wife and my half-sister who is 14-years-old. I even feel I'm realy to have someone special in my life again. I am a blessed man and I thank God for helping me find Nancy." ~~ P.V.

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