UNIQUE Approach to Stress Management

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There are plenty of stressors (or influences that cause us to feel stressed) in life. Pressures at work or school, an unsatisfying relationship, family or financial problems, or even global concerns about the economy or national security can leave us feeling “stressed out.” Millions of people wake up each morning and their first thoughts are consumed with stress as they begin to think about the day ahead of them.

Stress can affect us mentally and emotionally as tension or strain that leaves us feeling pressured, anxious, depressed, threatened or even fearful. Over time, the stress becomes a heavy weight on our backs, wearing us down both physically and emotionally. It is very common to develop physical ailments in response to unresolved mental and emotional stress, such as headaches, GI tract issues including ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome, or even unexplained back or neck pain. To further compound the issue, these physical ailments themselves will then act as stressors on us because the pain or physical dysfunction they bring will create additional emotional distress.

What we see here, besides a vicious cycle of stress and ailments, is the close synergy between the mind and the body, and that the mind and body actually operate as a single unit: What affects the mind can ultimately affect the body and what affects the body can ultimately affect the mind. Stress Management Counseling Center, LLC uniquely distinguishes itself from other Psychotherapy and Personal Consultation providers by providing a unique and evidence-based approach to stress reduction, chronic pain, and various psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety. This is accomplished through an integrative approach combining the therapist’s orientation with establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship between therapist and client. It is this partnering of therapist and client, along with proven techniques, that is an empowering catalyst for growth and change, and can restore balance in each client’s life.

While we can’t eliminate life’s stressors, we can learn to confront them in such a way as to reduce the emotional and physical distress that they cause. At Stress Management Counseling Center we teach our clients a better way to handle stressful influences and events to minimize their negative effects. We also work with clients suffering from chronic pain and illness to live fuller lives with less limitations.

Through either Psychotherapy or Personal Consultation (depending on the client and their particular needs) we will help you to live your BEST life by utilizing the best, evidence-based practices and partnering with you to help you to achieve your goals. Whether you struggle with stress, chronic pain, or depression, anxiety, addictions or other issues, please call today to learn how you can start on your own journey to a less stressful and more fulfilling life!

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