What Is Stress Management

A working definition would be that Stress Management is a skill set whereby a person can effectively minimize or eleviate the affects of stress in his or her life and maintain balance and a sense of internal control over the direction and meaningfulness of his or her life . In other words--the external stressors in life don't manage us, we learn to manage the external stressors. As a result of effective stress management, we can expect to find that our mind and body are in balance--we are not experiencing physiological symptoms of unresolved stress, such as headaches, GI complaints, sleep problems, unexplained back or neck pain, or other physical manifestations of stress. And we are not experiencing mental or emotional symptoms of unresolved stress, such as constant worry, rehearsals and rehashing, regret and second-guessing ourselves. Instead, we have learned the skills to confront issues as they present themselves, with calmness and rational thinking. We learn to forgive ourselves and others for our human frailties and imperfections, and love ourselves for doing the best that we can, and being the best that we can be.

Sound easy? Well, it is, once you get the hang of a totally different approach to stress. At Stress Management Counseling Center, we are uniquely distinguished from other psychotherapy or personal consulation providers because we utilize only evidence-based techniques combined with a strong therapeutic relationship with our clients to achieve results. We can teach you to successfully mitigate the stress in your life and learn to live your BEST life without the discomfort of stress weighing you down and making you feel like you're on a hamster wheel. You deserve to restore your mind and body to balance and harmony, and experience your fullest potential without feeling like your stress is controlling you. Call or email today for an appointment and start living your BEST life!

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